Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello All. This is my very first Blog post and I'm super duper excited!!! (Clapping hands and bouncing in my seat!). First I want to say, thank you all for taking the time out to read this. It's pretty awesome that you chose to do that!

Okay, so to the blog.

I am going to the Makeup Show New York on the May 17th. Yes it's for two days, but I have to work on that Monday, as I am a school teacher. But anyway, my birthday is on the 16th so what an awesome way to celebrate. I told my husband to tell anyone that asks, to get me a giftcard to Mac or Sephora. Anyway, ( I do get sidetracked alot, but the purpose of a blog is to act like you are talking to someone, so I won't delete the side conversations, as they can become pretty funny!) I'm a soooo stoked about going. This will be my first one! I am an aspiring Makeup Artist and need to build my collection. I have a couple of jobs here and there, but my collection is NOWHERE NEAR where it needs to be. This will be the perfect opportunity to start as well as get some more fantastic tips from other gurus and professionals in the industry.

So for now, I am just counting down the days til I go and will definitely post pics from the event! Hope to see some of you there.

BTW, I want to give a special thanks to makeupbyrenren who has awesome tutorials and blogs and I have learned so much from just watching her. Also, I want to thank QueenofBlendingmua (Lauren) from youtube, who is soooo fantastic! And last but not least, Jhenelledena from youtube who got me started on learning other tips and tricks about makeup.

One day I will become a guru and offer tutorials and pics and all that good stuff. For now, I will just keep working.

Any tips, tricks and comments are greatly welcomed!

Still thinking of a cool sign off tag.