Monday, May 18, 2009

The Makeup Show NYC 2009

Hey All!!!

So I went to the Makeup Show NYC yesterday and had an AWESOME TIME!!! I received many helpful tips, learned more about the makeup union (didn't know one existed), enjoyed the workshops and of course the discounts!

Eve Pearl ( Makeup Artist to the stars) gave a presentation, Adesign brushes gave a demonstration and others. I even have some interest in airbrushing after watching Luminess Air give their demonstration. It is a cool and quick way of doing many looks.

Okay so on to the things I bought.

First I stopped by the Yaby counter and picked up two empty "freestyle" magnetic palettes.

Next I travelled down the yellow brick road to the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Counter. I really wanted the lip tars, but they only had the yellow, green, blue, and black ones left. I wanted clear, but that didn't happen! So I bought three loose pigments. One is like a rust color called Copperwire, one is a goldish shimmer called Auric, and one is a silverish called Iced.

Swatches of the colors. The gold one is done twice because I got red in it by accident. Oh. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion as the base.

I just kept on going and I stopped at the coveted, wish you had a store in my neighborhood, Crown Brush!!!! I bought a couple of Italian Badger Brushes, lots of liner brushes, disposable mascara wands, and lip applicators, a brush cleaner (because I want to see how it works) and the highly reviewed 88 eyeshadow palette. In a later blog, I will list the brush numbers.

Then I stopped my Makeup Forever's counter and bought 92, and 99. I have been DYING for a red eyeshadow but didn't want to pay the 18 dollars for it. But I did get both for $16 including tax...yes TAX! but hey, it's still less than the 18 per shadow.

These two are in my Yaby Magnetic palette shown above.

Finally I stopped by the Graftobian counter. I've heard great things about this company. I bought the cream foundation palette in Warm, the Dual Finish Powder in Warm, their Oxiderm moisturizer, and the Color Corrector Palette.

I thought that was finally but wait, I also stopped at the Parian Spirit counter for their environment friendly brush cleaner that dries fast and is SOOOOO AMAZING!!!

And finally for real, I stopped by the Aurelia Beauty Counter and purchased their 10 Cream Blush Palette, an empty Magnetic Palette, a mixing plate (they ran out of spatulas) and 3 other blushes. They are so creamy, pigmented and nice!

This concludes my purchase list from the Makeup Show 2009 NYC! Can't wait for next year!!! For now I think I'm set! The only thing I went looking for but could not find was black gel eyeliner because everyone was sold out! But that's okay. For now I will just get the Loreal HIP Gel liner. I like those alot!

Other Photos from the Show

Makeup Forever's Body Painting

Cosmix School of Artistry Full Body Airbrush

And this one I didn't get to watch the whole thing or see the finished product, but this so far is awesome!

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KissyFace Artistry said...

You did a job on them. lol I don't blame you though. :-)